Antique Chess Set

The Spain or Mexico made and beautifully engraved early on twentieth century Figural Bone tissue ‘Gaudi Chess Set’ was highly inspired by the Art Noveau designs of 1850s-born Gaudi. With punctured and serrated bases it is capped with etched tops, having shining colors painted on each with black and yellow shows on the two attributes respectively. antique chess set

With rearing horse as knights and tastefully designed pawns, the Antique Central European engraved solid wood figural chess set is nicely built. These are all hand engraved light wooden pieces with the dark sides black coloured. Having its original wooden boxboard it is delivered. 

A great extremely top quality mentally stimulating games set produced in England in early 1800s is Classic English Ivory Chess Place of early Lund design. From comparison image you will understand that it can more elaborately decorated and larger in dimensions than typical Lund sets. With 3. 75 inches tall Full the whole set is delivered with its original tooled folding board with silk ties put on.

Front ranking modern day carver Oleg Raikis created ‘Men V women’ chess set in place that is absolutely special since this mammoth ivory Russian set is carved on ivory of 10, 500 years in age. With the Kings and pawns 14cms or 5. 5 inches, and 8cms or 3 inches tall correspondingly, all the mono block out pieces including the pawns, hold out a culture of distinction with Cleg’s signature engraved on the bases underside.

Really exciting is the uncommon Rajasthan polychrome ivory Chess bits of around 1800 ADVERTISEMENT. The figures on each of these 13 etched polychrome Indian ivory mentally stimulating games pieces are highly attractive even though the height is in between 5. 5cms and 11cms.

One of the artistic stainless- and brass sets is the big classic custom made chess set made from material around 1950s, an old theme being its most basic. In a heavy strong box it is provided, the fitted compartments of which are made with thirty-two separate felted real wood pillars that are screwed on the box floor. About 30 lbs is the weight of the set.

The very interesting glossy pottery set that follows the trend of the Lewis chessmen is a very old terracotta Lewis type chess set that saw the light of the day at the begining of 1900s in all probability. Its weight is 3lbs or one particular. 5kgs and bears on underneath the ‘S’ monogram.

Through the early 1900s the excellent chess set of Bakelite is well known. It really is made of red and yellow Bakelite and is hand turned and engraved to the very best quality level. While the height of the King is 4. 5inches while the way of measuring over the base very big base is 1. 75inches. It can be delivered in the case that was formerly fitted.

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