Breaking the Barriers to New Small Business Communications Technologies

“I already have a cellphone system, ” or, “I can’t afford the price tag on new technology right now… inches These two statements are the most often mentioned factors behind businesses not considering a great investment in new voice technology. To get small business in particular, Voice over ip (VoIP) phone technology is powerful, reliable and economical than ever before. VoIP telephone systems manufacturers have initiated green technology and advanced network capacities for businesses of all levels and sizes, offering the same voice technology for small businesses and large organizations alike at a very low operating cost. David Marquet turn the ship around

Receiving Past Obstacles

The facilities needed to support traditional Private Branch Exchange (PBX) based phone systems was a major technological buffer in the past. A T1 line used to be a major dedication and was not cost simple for small and medium sized businesses. The Internet and technology has since evolved, and now, even faster Internet rates are available at a cheaper cost to support the new voice technology platforms. In conjunction with advanced Voice over ip technology and Unified Sales and marketing communications, users can make a phone call, high-definition online video call, send a quick Concept, Fax, email, voicemail, or start a video-enabled web conference with a solitary click.

Over the last few years, the term “mobile” has come to mean the next level of Internet growth. To get any business to avoid investing in this essential technology is a negative insurance plan. There is too much to gain and the costs is much too reasonable to justify burning off the opportunity.

Small businesses are now able to maintain their existing investment in office phone systems, field communications and network technology while integrating new, green VoIP systems on the back-end. This means realizing the cost personal savings while amortizing existing investment. With business capital as tight since it is for most businesses, this is an attractive option.

No More Reasons

“I can’t afford to employ a systems engineer… ” This kind of statement is yet another barrier protecting against the small and medium-sized business from adopting advanced networking systems. Partnering with the responsibility voice technology company that offers proven technology and support systems, a tiny business can afford to bring in the most advanced technology available with existing staff while incorporating their existing equipment. In revenge of a down turning economy, technology has made the 21st Century the age of small business. Never before could a business leverage so much technology with so little cost and overhead. The time has come to make such an investment in voice technology.

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