Puppet Arm Rod Movements 101

Start puppeteers should give attention to learning basic skills before considering moving the puppet’s hands and hands. The reason is simple: if you have to concentrate on the puppet’s mouth to be sure to are executing it properly, it is not hard to forget about its arms. frog puppet

I’ve seen many plays in which a puppet had the arm stretched out to the side the complete time while on stage. The puppeteer started to make a motion, got targeted on something else, and left the arm sticking. In conversations with people, I’ve never seen someone hold their arm away for the complete conversation. In the event people don’t do it, puppets shouldn’t either since it will become a distraction. 

Moving the Puppet’s Arms and Hands-One at a Time

A fundamental regulation of thumb when working one rod is to let the arms hang up naturally until it finally comes time to move one then pick it up to make the motion and return the arm to its natural position.

The steps engaged in making various actions with the puppet’s side are simple and uncomplicated. First, grab hold of the rod nearby the lower side. (If you grab it too high, your possibilities will rise above the theater when making the motion, exposing it to the audience. ) Change the puppet in your direction somewhat so you have a view of both the right and left sides of the puppet. Lift the pole and perform the action and, once done, lower the rod and let go. In the event you develop this habit, you will discover that you will not likely leave a puppet’s left arm stretched out in an unnatural manner.

Here’s a trick I learned a while ago. After using some of our sock puppets for some time, when I gone to move an left arm, it bent the incorrect manner. It had shifted back and forth a great deal that the seam was worn and allowed it to easily swing both ways. The problem is elbows don’t bend back and if it happens to a puppet, youthful children might believe really been hurt. To stop that from happening, as I get the fishing rod, I twist it a little bit toward the puppet’s body. That way, as the motion is starting, the arm is already folding in the right manner.

Here are a few of the basic actions you can make using one rod.

Point to Things

Have the puppet point things out, justification in one direction or the other, up to the sky, or to the ground. As you do, be careful you do not raise your side so high it shows over the theater. Should you, it will immediately bring awareness of your hand and the audience may miss an important line or comment. Some audience users will continue to watch that particular puppet to see if it occurs again which means they are will no longer focusing on the message, nevertheless the puppet.

Pet an Animal Puppet

We have a series of plays by which one of the puppets has a pet Saint Bernard. Simple motions in this case in order to have the boy pet your dog, terry it on your head, or rub its hand on the side of the dog’s face. The same motions improve other dog puppets.

Cough or Sneezing

Once, when you are performing a play from a script, my esophagus was dry and We had to cough. My spouse and i was able to control it for a while, but couldn’t hold it any longer. If My spouse and i just coughed, the ones near the theater would hear it and probably comment about it. As a result, to stop that from happening, I had the puppet cough. I simply put the puppet’s submit front of its open-mouth while I coughed. The puppet then said something like “excuse me” and went on with the dialogue. There are also occasional times where it is part of the play to have the puppet cough. In like manner you can have the puppet sneeze. Slowly and gradually open the puppet’s oral cavity and move your head in reverse while saying “ahhh. very well Close the mouth and then say “chew” as you open the mouth area and move the mind forward. Accept the puppet’s palm up to protect the oral cavity as you do the second half the sneezing.


Other simple palm motions include scratching the side of its brain, rubbing its chin, styling its hair, rubbing the tummy, blowing kisses, placing its arm around another puppet, and more.

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