Drama and Reality

It’s simple to get caught up in the drama that abounds in this world. Although is drama reality? Is actually real enough when you are under-going it, but is drama or stress really how Spirit views things? I would personally venture that drama is not actuality; it’s not who we truly are. Asian Drama

Here’s an old story this is a great example of drama, actuality, and a wise man who realizes what they really are. 

A daddy and son lived on a farm. In their “reality” they had one horse to help these groups with planting the crops. The son’s “reality” is that they do not have enough hewlett packard to plow the areas fast enough, but the father was patient. A single day, the son found a wild horse and was able to break her and use her to help with the plowing. Now the boy’s reality was filled with “good” drama. The daddy said, “Who knows if this is good or bad? ” He understood that in true fact, there is no good or bad, and this episode is merely in this aspect.

The next day, the son was happy in his “reality, ” plowing the field with the new horse, when the horse reared up tossing the son in the air and breaking his back. The son, in anguish, believed this theatre to be his truth, while the father asked, “Who knows if this is good or bad? ” The son was depressed and lamenting his “reality, ” creating more drama in doing so.

The following day, the son was in foundation recovering, when the armed service came by looking to enlist all healthy young men. But because this individual had broken his rear, the son would not have to go!

Thus why would we experience drama? Drama is a car accident, a child falling and scraping his knee, a missed scheduled appointment, a death of a loved one, and so on. These items are a part of our world plus they are “reality” in this sizing that we live in, nonetheless they are not who we are. They are the particular circumstances of any given moment.

Reality is who we are at our core; it’s our essence. In reality, we are happy, healthy, and whole. Naturally, there would be people who differ with my definition and say that drama is reality. And I would say that, yes, episode is one amount of truth, but which reality? Theatre is from this 3d reality and it will exist, but our Origin sees it through different eyes. Source sees it as love.

I truly believe we can reduce drama within our lives. All of us don’t have to experience reality with drama in daily doses. Take the wise father’s example and see “reality” through Source’s eyes. Recognize that drama comes and goes, but in reality, we are happy, healthy, and whole.

We would also venture that theatre can be beneficial, because it’s part of the nitty-gritty we are experiencing and it is for a reason. It might not exactly be considered a reason that we are aware of, however the actual theme would be about helping us along on our path. Maybe that missed appointment we thought was reality is very a way of getting all of us to slow down. Probably we are likely to release the drama.

I really like that idea. Let’s release the drama and get up to an even better truth!

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