Hot Water Heater Repair Made Simple

Water heater repair is important to maintaining the features and condition of your heater. While it’s always best to call an expert if you’re truly lost, there are many simple fixes you can perform yourself to save some money and time. Here are some common tips to help you solve some problems that may pop up throughout the years. tankless water heater service

Too little Heat

A common protest that goes largely disregarded due to fear of hot water heater repair, is water taking too long to heat up or an insufficient amount of water coming away of the faucet. Generally there can be several reasons for this including bad installation, damaged parts, or a tank which is not large enough to accommodate the home’s needs. The first thing you are going to want to evaluate is that the pilot light is on and functioning properly. If this isn’t, you’ll have to relight it and check to see if it solved the problem. On top of that, you should check the dip tube in the cold water pipe to ensure it is not damaged. Old or products heating elements should be replaced if found. If perhaps none of these methods repair the hot normal water heater, you may have to consider changing to an army tank with a higher capacity.

Strange Sounds

Many people first become aware that their warm water heater needs repair when they commence to listen to strange sounds. These can range from thumping to high-pitched whistling. Commonly, these are the result of parts of the gas tank that are rusty or need to be washed. If not maintained properly, sediments and dirt can increase on the equipment and not only cause those alarming sounds, but can affect the performance of your heater.


If you learn the tank is leaking, you might need to perform some water heater repair. Damage to the container, usually caused by corrode, is the most damaging. If you see any holes in the underside of the tank and can trace the water flow to that point, you are going to likely have to replace the complete heater. Yet , sometimes the tank might simply be overheating, by lowering the temperature you can end the leak.

No High temperature

Similar to low hot water supplies, the essential thing you will want to check if your water heater is merely giving out cold is the pilot light. Verify the electricity supply as well to ensure everything is running smoothly. If perhaps neither of these easy fixes work, a more complicated water heater repair, such as replacing the thermostat or a heat element, might be necessary. In this case, it is advisable to call in a professional to handle the situation.

Whenever executing a warm water heater repair, make certain you follow all necessary basic safety steps, as the job can be dangerous. Usually shut off the energy and water as well as put out the fire to pilot setting before trying any repair. In the event that you’re uncertain or find serious problems for your drinking water heater, contact a professional.

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