The Real Standard for the Existence of God

Once asked the question: “is God real? ” one is being asked to validate your the presence of the concept of God resistant to the standard of existence for the idea of real. This signifies both that a standard for the idea of real exists and that it is known. A different question would be: “is this thing to which I am aiming real? ” This is asking to validate the state of existence of a real physical thing against that same standard used to evaluate the concept of God. Although can this performed? Certainly it can! Is God Real

Humans; like all biological life varieties, need to be aware of things that literally exist. Why? Because the survival of biological life forms depends after their consumption of physical things! How do biological life forms become aware of physical things? They sense them! All biological life forms have a realizing mechanism in which they become aware of the physical needs of their endurance also to which they reply in-order to get those needs. A need is identified as a condition of existence – determined by a things nature – that is required for its your survival. A thing that complies with a survival need is referred to as a value. A survival value; then, is discovered by the beneficial effect it has on lifespan of a biological being. If perhaps no benefit arises no value obtains.

The facets of a survival value that allow it to be sensed are the advantages of (or the facts) of its physical characteristics. Truth is determined either by their direct physical stimulation of the sense-organ extensions of a brain or by interrogating their effect on other physical facts. Facts are absolutes, meaning their identity is regular with reality. Details are what they are; they are really not (cannot be) not the same as what they are. All facts (including their associated relationships) are called to as being real things. A fact is a physical facet of mother nature; its attribute is a mental existent caused by hysteria. Attributes are the mental aspects of a things physical existence. An action of identification is the act of abstracting information from reality; its product is an attribute.

Être is the mental centering of a brain by its mind when it comes to discovering the facts which their brain is observing. A fact represents a real (or a true) express of existence. When asked to evaluate the real state of existence of a thing (or of an idea) is it doesn’t facts of reality that become the final arbiter. The truth is not a place or some thing; it is a state of existence. In the event that a thing satisfies the meaning of the idea of fact this can be a real physical existent; and the attribute abstracted from it is a true mental existent. Attributes are ones mental units representing the facts ones brain is interrogating (sensing). Asking the question “is God real” equates to asking “are there physical facts in nature that give go up to attributes supporting the idea that the principle of God is real and is therefore true. ” Facts are physical in nature; their qualities are intellectual in head. Meaning; that since facts are real then their abstractions are necessarily true. These are one and the same; you can have one in the a shortage of the other. Sensing an undeniable fact in nature is comparative to attending to what is true. Knowledge exists in nature as its facts and is possessed by a mind as these are formed into principles. Concepts that represent what is true about truth are built from être caused by a brain’s correction of (i. e., it is physical stimulations from) fact.

A lot more verified as a brain observes (i. e., becomes literally aware of) the consequences of life’s electro-chemical processes on also to other physical things in reality. A brain observes that the processes explained by life first appeal to (or otherwise acquire) and then consume natural resources from nature and then converts these into new substances and returns them to nature. At the fundamental level of character this process is self-sustaining and self-generated: it is what we call life. Life exists infinitely in the physical universe. On the other hand: by the pressures of evolution; the life span possessed by biological beings has become dependent on those organic beings. Life is determined by the biological host to obtain the natural resources from nature its electro-chemical process require because of their continued performing. If an individual falls flat to meet the natural resource needs of his life processes those operations will stop functioning and that human will pass away. This says that it is by identifying the natural resources required by the electro-chemical processes of ones own life that a person becomes aware of what values are. Acting detailed; then, means to take action in accordance with certain requirements of your own life processes. Intellectually – this means to identify the physical values your life processes require: physically – this implies to act well guided only by that information in-order to buy those physical values. The guidelines of “Proper Action” specify that one’s personal survival activities with regard to ones social needs must be ethical and that a person’s personal survival actions with regard to ones physical needs must be meaningful if ones goal is survival; and by the laws of nature it is.

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