Things That Might Not Covered by Your Travel Insurance

Christmas is coming, and some of you might already have planned where and how to spend this comforting moment with your family. So ready your holiday break well, choose a reliable and reliable travel agent to arrange your trip, decide wisely where to go and what to do on your vacation spot, prepare your travel documents and things to cause your trip, and of course, in order to avoid your holiday switched into a disaster, you will desire a travel insurance as a protection. Bricon Associates Pte Ltd

Travel around insurance is one of the main instruments on your holiday, which means you better choose your insurance company properly when you decide to if you buy one. Shop around for the best rate and coverage, and also it is smart to look for guidance and tips on the way to get the best travel insurance for your voyage. 

But don’t feel totally secure just because you already have travel cover, since there is no insurance that can cover every risk. Techniques with travel insurance, there are things that most travel insurance will never cover. Understanding these things is important so you can make a preparation in circumstance some of them happen before or during your trip. It is also useful to help you choose an insurance provider that can give you the most coverage for your travel.

I have compiled from many sources, things that a majority of travel insurance won’t cover unsurprisingly below:

Travel cancelling

Local travel agency

Though it is totally over and above your control, but travel insurance will not spend on any expenses you have made if the travel is canceled by your local travel agency. You could ask the local travel agency to go back your money, but your travel cover will not pay for any damage you experience regarding this situation neither helping you to get cash again from the tour user or making a regulation suit against them.

A tour operator can stop your trip for some reasons including their inner company problems. That’s why you should carefully choose for a tour owner to avoid this, make sure it’s a good and reliable company.

Warfare or Huge range

Generally there are certain types of mess up situation explained in a coverage with explanation many people coverable or not. Usually they are; strike, riot, detrimental commotion, terrorism, and also war, that happens in your travel destination. In the event the cancellation is made regarding one of those reasons, many travel insurance policies won’t cover.

Fatality or Illness of a Pet

Animal lovers might cancel their trip because their beloved pet is dead or ill, but don’t expect the company will have a consideration on this situation, also this is the risk that cannot be covered.

Psychological Problem

You are not able to cancel your trip for having psychological illness or mental problem without fee, because for most insurance agencies, this is an different of coverage.

Divorce ahead of the Trip

One in a million, but it still could happen. As soon as you acquired a tour package and travel insurance, suddenly problems occurs in your family, after that your spouse files for divorce and ruins the whole plan, and you have to cancel the trip. This is also not regarded as an uncoverable risk.


If you find out that on your destination there is a pandemic like swine flu or anything like it, you might get worried for the sake of your family’s health insurance and make a decision to cancel the trip. But pandemic is also not a valid reason for trip cancellation, so this won’t be protected.

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