How to Remove VIPRE

VIPRE gives comprehensive protection against today’s highly complex malware, viruses, and blended adware and spyware threats. As a First tee Support agent, my friend keeps testing all types of popular programs. VIPRE was certainly in the list for testing and it occurred just when my friend made a decision to remove VIPRE on her computer. passware discount

To get rid of the program, my friend first tried the subsequent steps: Start-> Control Panel-> Add or Take out programs. To her shock, in the set of AddRemove program, she couldn’t find any trace of VIPRE so this method was not workable.  vipre antivirus discount

Wanting to remove VIPRE quickly, my colleague used a device called QuuSoft Uninstaller to solve the problem. She ran QuuSoft Uninstaller and couldn’t find the unwanted program there in the key interface of QuuSoft Uninstaller, too. Remarkably, my colleague soon chose to remove the program with the Force Uninstall function of Quusoft Uninstaller and the next was the whole steps:

The first step: Booted the computer into safe mode by restarting the pc and keeping to press F8 key during the start up;

Second step: Ran Quusoft Deletion and then Chose Pressure Uninstall option on the top of the key user interface of the uninstaller;

Third step: In the home window that followed, clicked FINE to proceed;

Step 4: Clicked the icon next to Scanning this software to select the folder in the hard drive known as Subnet Software and then clicked Next to get started on getting rid of this program. Followed the onscreen prompts until finished, then the program was erased. (It was highly advised to uninstall the subfolders one by one);

Stage Five: Delete the secret of VIPRE on the desktop;

Step Six: Sailed to Local Disk C> Program files> Subnet software. Right-clicked it and selected Delete;

Stage Seven: Empty Bin.

Simply by managing the above steps, my colleague got eliminate of VIPRE but the girl was still interested in the program so she reinstalled it again. This time, she was able to find the antivirus software in Control Panel then the reply to why the challenge of failing to get rid of the software on Control panel happened at the beginning came to her in a flash of inspiration. Something probably acquired corrupted during the mount. This was rare, but it did happen.

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