Alva Pelvic Floor Trainer – High Performance, Fast Acting

The Alva Pelvic Floor Trainer is an ground breaking device made for strengthening weakened pelvic floor muscles. It works by combining the benefits associated with an electronic toning device, which offers muscle spasms, with vibration training. Athena Contracts

Oscillation training was at first developed to help astronauts overcome the effects of muscle and bone density reduction following very long times of inactivity in space. It was then tailored to help world-class sports athletes to increase muscle power. Research was then conducted on the effects of vibration training on the vaginal muscles and it was uncovered that after merged with a standard electronic digital toning device, between 95%-100% of the muscles were worked in comparison to between 40%-80% with the normal toner exclusively. 

The Alva Pelvic Floors Trainer was developed using both technical and medical expertise and has two programs. The first is suited to ladies who have little or no strength in their muscles and program two is for women who can feel their muscles contracting when they squeeze them.

As the intensity on this type of exercise is strong, only 5 minutes of exercise every day is required. As with most varieties of exercise, snooze periods will be required as it is during these times when new muscle muscles will develop and increase.

Although doing traditional “squeeze and release” exercises can help to strengthen the pelvic muscles, there is no doubt that by using a pelvic floor toner including the Alva can help raise the intensity of muscular spasms several fold, resulting in a better contraction and therefore faster toning. The combo of standard electronic spasms and vibration training can certainly speed the process along considerably.

If you would like further information relating to this product including details of where it can be bought in the UK at a cheaper price, please visit Alva Pelvic Floor Trainer. You can also find a variety of other pelvic floor toners including both manual and standard electronic versions on the website.

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