How to Transfer Your VHS Video Tapes to DVD: 3 Methods

Sure, you can still find VHS video tapes in your neighborhood discount or even video rental store, but you must be realistic and realize that VHS is dead as a format. video tape conversion

If you have VHS video tapes at home that are more than ten (10) years old and would like these to survive another 10, then you could either take extremely good proper care of them since magnetic tape will degrade over time, or an improved long-term strategy will be to transfer their contents to a more current and hardy format such as DVD or computer format.


There are at least 3 different tracks you can make when it comes to converting your video tapes: 

1. Provide a tapes to a 3rd-party that is in the business of video change. This would save the time of learning how to take action as well as performing it.

However, it can become expensive rapidly as they usually impose per tape.

2. Order a converter box which is a piece of hardware that has video poker machines for the VHS tags and the blank DIGITAL VIDEO DISC discs. Conversion can be as simple as depressing a button. Drawbacks include the inability to modify the contents of your movies or tapes. A lot of of these converters could be very expensive.

3. Purchase an Audio/Video (A/V) analog-to-digital (A-D) converter. These converters are normally small boxes, some no more than a deck of cards, that hook up to your analog type device (ex: your VHS player) and then lift up to your computer usually via USB.

Of course, the key problem with this method is that you would have to spend time to convert each tape, as well every editing you would like.

However, the huge benefits to this method are quite a few. For entrepreneurs, as mentioned, you can edit the contents of your tape before you commit it to either your computer and/or DVD AND BLU-RAY disc.

You can have multiple copies of your content: on your computer (and even copied elsewhere) and on DVD.

They are usually generic analog-to-digital conversion and can convert not only VHS video, but magnetic audio tracks cassette coup, and other analog platforms. It only will depend on whether or not the player you have has fittings that these can be used with the ripping tools. RCA connectors are quite common on older analog devices and you should find that many of these conversion programs support them.

Since the first place that your content goes is to your computer, you’ll have a chance to revise the movie, cutting away what you don’t want or even putting collectively clips that were on different tapes.

The cost of the product along with their software is less expensive than the all-in-one video-only converters and much less costly than by using a service (unless you only have a few tapes).

You may either convert to DVD and Blu-ray formats. Blu-ray is the next-generation format that has superceded the primary DVD format, so we advise that you look for a product that support Blu-ray.

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