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Large bathroom with a wall-sized window, stylish plank mattresses and view of outdoor patio with Japanese rock-garden is impractical dream for the best majority of us. In limited urban environment all we frequently have is merely four-squared box. And even alternatively large bathroom sometimes is not enough for conclusion of all our design plans. As well-known stepmother from a fairy story “Cinderella” had said – “The kingdom is small, you cannot find any room to be on the loose”. You can’t enlarge your restrooms even at the expenditure of your neighbours because of chief wall. Yet maybe it’s better to solve this problem with the help internal stores and expand your bathroom environment visually? Maybe, it would be better to help out missing square metres just virtually, by creation of their visibility? Bathroom fitters windsor

Design and style.

You have to get started on with bathroom design for competent convenience of accessible space. Advancement of modern installation systems allows positioning of bathroom and lavatory equipment not in its common places but in places where you need it to be; you can save some tens of in . or even a few meters and free some space visually. For example, you might save some space with angular installation of not only bath and shower cabin, but clean basin or toilet pan. The bath or bathe cabin may be completely or partially concealed a niche if such technological feasibility is available. 

Bath room and lavatory equipment.

In the event that space available is not as huge as you want, you may easily save it employing of small bathroom equipment specially made for small bathrooms which uses much less space than standard equipment. If so the doll’s house effect is triggered and the planet around diminished pieces of equipment appears to be larger. By the way, many people feel that space-saving toilet bowls and bidet are even significantly more convenient, than standard ones. Naturally you cannot say that about a tiny wash basin or a shower. Hanging bathroom equipment is interesting, too, as it visually frees some space; bathroom equipment like “two in one”, for example, tandem of bathtub and bath, is popular as well.


The walls play the main role in visual enlargement of loo space. You should never use shadow well developed ceramic tile and other types of covering in small rooms, especially in blend with large decorations and wide borders. The tile shall be light ripped. In was considered for years that large ceramics was to be used in small rooms. Nevertheless, practice shows, that mosaic makes even a tiny room aesthetically larger.

Necessary effect of depth is achieved with ceramic tile and furniture of sunshine, deep hues and shades in blend with medium-sized and soft-core decor, narrow decorative region especially located not width wise, but vertically. Panels are outside the fold, even the large ones, but only those including point of view: landscapes, especially ocean, imitation of view from a window, the heavens and so on. The look does not expire against them but jigs away. Photo panels are definitely the latest thing in decor of rooms.


Very well, and if you need to relax relaxing in aromatic froth and you don’t want to feel the weight of ceiling above you? Then the best choice of yours shall be the reflected ceiling – top demonstration of romance. There are also other ways to embellish the ceiling: suspended ceilings with special illumination, ceiling made of stained glass and painted as starry paradise or something like that and inviting to the eye… Availability of visible perspective view is the key thing.


Feeling of visual prospect may be also achieved with bogus window, replicated on one of the walls. It is crucial that it looked like real: frame, glass, window treatments… It may even open up and the flowers are to be put on the window sill. 1 more interesting variant is use of stained goblet which is usually located in shallow insets and highlighted. And after that it seems that behind that cup is a window in absolutely special, even powerful world.

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