Youth Baseball Coaching – 8 Elements of a Super Baseball Swing

The ideal baseball swing is a thing of beauty. You will discover few movements and activities in sports that are practice more often than the baseball swing. Players take thousands of practice swing throughout a season. The key to game move quality is practice swing action quality. There are certain basic rules that every batter should remember when taking a swing in practice and games. Sean Plouffe

These rules are:

Make your stance wide to keep a shorter stride. A not as long stride is desirable because it allows the mixture to execute the swing action with minimum striding action. This allows the crepe mixture to keep the weight and hands back much longer thus eliminating the opportunity to be fooled on off-speed pitches. 
Keep your hands close and stay inside the ball. The mixture must learn how to execute a swing that keeps the hands, wrist, and softball bat inside the ball.
Maintain your head in and front side shoulder down. This body position will prevent the batter from pulling of the ball or swallowing up.
Move the business lead foot… maintain your back feet still. The lead lower-leg should be planted and kept stiff. The rear leg and hip will turn and rotate during the swing. The proper swing is a “turning of the hips” and not a lunging action toward the ball.
Turns of your back leg. The back toe should end “on the toe-shoe dock to the pitcher”. The turning in of your back toe and knee acts to free the body allowing a smooth powerful swing with the sides making power.
See the ball go flat. The concept is that the batter should see the bat distort one area of the ball after impact. The barrel of the bat will “flatten” one of the ball when the ball is hit. The batter should keep the eyes and head on the ball so well that this individual can begin to see the ball go flat.
Get extension through the ball. The mixture should drive the hands through the ball by using a quick wrist action to get maximum bat velocity generation. The path of the bat should be exactly like the path of a “landing plane”. The way should be downward and through the ball to maintain bat to ball contact for as long as possible.
Finish long and smooth. The hands, wrist and arms should be driven through the ball in an extended easy path. The finishing position of the hands and bat should be the one which has allowed the baseball bat to go long through a long arch. A quick or abrupt keeping of the swing will alter the path and timing of the baseball bat.

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