Sunpentown Under-the-Counter Ice Makers – The Name to Look For in This Kitchen Appliance

You will find hordes of ice producers out there, but zero can match the performance of any Sunpentown ice machine. Sturdy and with a high output, Sunpentown ice cubes makers are the most effective! under counter ice maker

The year 1850 is historically significant, Cal was admitted as a free state, the first elevator was installed in New York, and Levi Strauss tailored his first jeans. It was also the season when Dr. Steve Gorrie, the American physician-inventor, showed America his mechanised ice producer. 

It was not the first occasion when ice was created artificially. Jacob Perkins made some ice by using a risky liquid-closed-cycle compressor in 1834. However, the mechanical ice cubes machine was a very ingenious invention. Ice-shipping companies were the lords of the ice making business previously, so they were not really happy about the new machine and spread black propaganda against it in the press. They were so effective in discrediting the wonderful machine that Gorrie’s snow machine did not sell well.

But business men soon realized that it was much more economical to get their own ice making machines rather than buying chunks of natural glaciers cut and delivered by shippers. As well as the ice machine soon kicked in and became a standard machine for business establishment and households.

When it comes to ice machines, the maker stands out from the rest: Sunpentown Essential, Inc. And one of Sunpentown’s best under-the-counter ice-making appliance is the IM-150US.

Why should you get a Sunpentown ice manufacturer?… Durability

The Sunpentown IM-150US under-the-counter ice maker is indeed a worthy investment for your household. You can use this snow maker for built-in or free standing application. With an overall solid building, this ice appliance is built to last for very long. And you don’t have to go through a really normal broken-ice-maker-door episode: the IM-150US has a door that is made of one of the toughest materials available, stainless steel. A single of the great incentives with this stainless metal door is that it is also reversible.

Top quality: But Sunpentown does not stop there. In all its products, Sunpentown ensures not only durability, but also quality performance. 1 gauge for ice machine quality is the pace of production. In this category, Sunpentown’s IM-150US is simply amazing: it can produce up to 12 pounds of ice per day. And not only that, it also lets you store up to six pounds of ice.

Services: Sunpentown ensures that every single product that roll away with their factories are free of any problem. But if your Sunpentown ice maker will breakdown, then you don’t have to worry about your money going to waste material. Sunpentown offers an one year warrantee period. Products units will be mended or replaced without additional cost. Aside from that, Sunpentown offers great customer service support.

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