Surviving 2012 – It’s Part Mental Too!

Just about all articles that are written speak about physically surviving 2012. This article is heading to give attention to mentally living through 2012 or better yet mentally preparing to endure 2012 and the situations which may or might not exactly happen. shtf

At the time you think about 2012, did your brain wander to the devastation of the earth because of the ending of the “Mayan Long Count Calendar”? Whether it does, do you get stressed about and try to think how you will are going to prepare to survive 2012 and the events that are predicted to happen? These are incredibly real thoughts and reactions to considering about the end on the planet as we know it. However, surviving 2012 need not take up an inordinate amount of energy and energy. 

One of the first things that you need to recognize – “Knowledge Is Power! inch Make an effort to find out as much as you can about the theory and truth about the estimations and hype surrounding the poker site seizures that could happen on or about December twenty one, 2012. Although there is more information than you might find and read on the net, not all of it is helpful. Let’s face it – as with most anything at all else, there are a lot of quacks away there. When you do read, just try and use your common sense as a filter. As well, try and find articles and web sites that believe there will be a catastrophic event in 2012 and also get information that believes that transformation happen besides 12/21/12 being another normal day within our lives. Doing that, you have a balance of information so as to form your own opinions.

Since we get closer to the “magic” 2012, there is going to be much, far more attention targeted on the Mayan’s theory and prediction that the world will end in 2012 (just remember all of the Y2K craziness). Knowing the facts will assist you to not get as captured up in the hoopla. As far as the media goes, they are not looking for feel good stories, but ones that will attempt and beat you up into a frenzy which means you will keep watching them and be to them for all of your details about the opportunity of any cataclysmic event that is going to happen.

Do not make “knee jerk” reactions or badly thought out moves in working with the issues. This is another place that your screening of information options will come in convenient. If you did not do any research and one day heard about someone on a site someplace telling move to his retreat in the mountain tops to survive 2012 you’d be better with more inclined to go there.

This is not to say that doing common sense things to survive 2012 is incorrect. It would be incorrect to stick you brain in the sand and feel that nothing could possibly happen. Not necessarily out of the question or “crazy” to stock up on food, water, first-aid items and possibly weapons in preparation to survive any events that might come up. But do not do it obsessively. The basement does not need to look like a lot bunker, just use good sense.

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