Hindu Wedding Cards – What Makes Them Special?

When you have never been to a Hindu wedding before, you aren’t going to witness an impressive treat of sorts. A Hindu wedding, you see, is not simply the getting close together of two humans. It is the merger of two families, along with their friends and well wishers. Since the guests are all established to become one big family by the end of the ceremonies, the festivities are unrestrained and wholehearted. การ์ดแต่งงาน

The Hindu wedding is a grand affair which typically starts with the printing of Indio wedding cards. Actually the wedding card or the ‘Patrika’ is both a means of informing friends of the good thing as well as a way of sending out warm application of the guest’s occurrence at the wedding. That must be remembered that in line with the Hindu way of life, guests are given utmost respect with out work is spared to prize and respect the guests. This sentiment is resembled in every step of the wedding – starting with the wedding ceremony cards. 

Offered the above little bit of qualifications, it is straightforward to see how Hindu wedding playing cards are different and why. A selection of their unique characteristics are:

– Generally, the invite is a double sided, two-page thing of beauty where the words are couched in beautiful designs and patterns. Native american indian Marriage cards are vibrant but Hindu wedding greeting cards are more so.

– Typically, most Hindu wedding cards employ religious sujet like lamps, folded hands and so on.

– The colours used in the cards are wonderful and luxurious. These colors are significant as they denote plenty, fertility and happiness. That is why tones of red, yellow metal and green are being used in Hindu wedding cards.

– Generally, Hindu marriage credit cards are embellished with artificial stones, pearls, golden strings, tassels etc.

– As the wedding is rich in culture and custom, sometimes, cards may be designed like a foliage or a scroll etc. Traditional designs are quite commonly seen.

– Commonly Hindus are deeply spiritual and the wedding is an event with spiritual overtones. Therefore, the wedding ceremony greeting card generally carries the style of a deity. In many cases, this can be a picture of Lord Ganesha, the God of good bundle of money. Some families have a family group deity who graces the. This is to employ the blessings of the higher powers.

– As the Hindus place great emphasis on hospitality, the cards are wonderfully penned. While guests are given the mandatory information about the time and venue of the wedding, they are also warmly invited to shower their blessings on the couple.

Therefore, why is such care taken up produce marriage cards that look stunning? After all, they turn to be useless once the wedding has ended, right? Wrong. A Hindu wedding credit card is often cherished by members of the family and could be consigned to a table or start for safekeeping. Thus, these cards often become sustained reminders of the get-togethers and the festivities distributed by the members of the family. Hence great care is taken to design the card and the wordings are often an issue of argument before the family finalizes the same.

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