New Millennium Church

It should be nothing but confusing for anyone who concerns America – who practices a religion other than Christianity – when they notice how many churches there are recorded any given avenue, ALL of which consider themselves to be Religious. According to American House of worship Lists, there are 386, 000 churches in the USA alone. Worldwide Anglican Church

While the Church is thriving, among persecution, in under developed nations, here in America the standard, local church no longer ranks as the only destination to go as the Christian’s primary appointment place. Millions of men and women assert they are drawing closer to to God but further from any involvement with traditional churches. What’s going on? According to California Analysts called the Barna Group, “… new ways of experiencing and expressing hope, such as through house churches, marketplace ministries, and cyberchurches, have become the convention for millions of people. inch

A new publication by the group’s owner, George Barna, entitled Trend, indicates that since the turn of the centuries there have been major changes occurring in how people experience and exhibit their faith. Based on a series of nationwide surveys conducted by his company during the history 25 years, Barna learned that discontent with congregational churches, changes in life styles, and a gowing desire to get closer to God, have caused many people to seek impressive ways to felowship with God and with other God-seeking people.

In the year 2000, almost all of Many Christian activity took place via local churches. Today, in 2005, during a typical week, 9% of all adults attend a house church. An even greater proportion (22%) activates in spiritual encounters that take place in the marketplace (e. g., with groups of men and women while they are at their place of work or play, or in other typical daily contexts). The Net serves as the base for interactive faith experience for over one away of every ten adults. Personally, though I go to house churches, have placed high school Bible studies over a year in a hair studio and the past 3 years have led a school Bible Research in a local cafe. In recent months We have preached twice at a Disciples of Christ Church, and have educated Sunday School at the neighborhood Methodist Church for monthly of Sundays. Just recently, the Pastor of the area Cowboy Church asked if I’d be considering coaching a cults class over a Thursday which he would clear to the complete community and, just this morning hours, I was invited to take part in an outreach with a Baptist College in Oregon. Found in each instance, in line with the good examples set by the Apostle Paul in Acts Phase 16 with Lydia at “First Riverside Church” and with the Jailer at “Slammer Assembly of Our god, ” these gatherings are not less than THE Church in its bounties, never intended to be only bolt-on program for the true Church.

The studies from several Barna Group surveys conducted during the past twelve months expose the characteristics of this emerging population of folks who had to leave House of worship to find really Goodness in their lives. Mentioning to these individuals as “Revolutionaries” who are purpose after “being the Cathedral rather than merely heading to church, ” Barna believes that the degree with this movement into new kinds of religious community will change the facial skin of the complete religious community – not ONLY the Chrsitian community – during the next ten to twenty years.


According to Barna’s research, some of the more intriguing advantages of these Revolutionaries who strive to experience and exhibit their faith in substitute ways are:

*It’s the Baby Boomers, those who are largely in charge of the megachurches that contain redefined the Church environment during the past quarter century, who are now getting back together the greatest part of the Revolutionary ranks.

*Adults included in marketplace ministry are more than twice as likely as those linked just to a congregational school to experience a biblical worldview and more than twice as likely to identify the Bible as the source of truth in life. They are also a third more likely to say that absolute moral real truth exists.

*About two-thirds of all adults involved in a house church go to in different given week, with the rest of the segment attending at least once monthly. That is practically identical to the attendance profile of men and women for whom a congregational church is their house of worship home.

*Men and women are equally likely to participate in marketplace-based ministry activity, while men are slightly more likely to embark on house church options.

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