Complementary Medicine For Dogs – The Bowen Technique

Contrasting medicine for dogs is not a new thing and the have recently been dog acupuncturists and dog chiropractors earning a living for several years. website

The Bowen Method has been used for humans for several years and two English dog experts have been developing it can use in the puppy world. The treatments are based firmly in healthy medicine – so that it addresses the whole animal and not merely the specific body part that has symptoms. Bowen therapists use their fingers and thumbs to apply gentle rolling motions at precise points on the dogs body. These types of movements are thought to stimulate healing areas and by accomplishing this the puppies body balance can be reset and healing can get started in all of animal. 

The finger and thumb pressure movements are carried out slowly and carefully so the tissues are not annoyed and a focus is created for the pets or animals brain to work with.

Bowen therapists is considered to promote healing and pain alleviation and cause body and mind rebalancing. It can be used for severe injury like sprains and strains, chronic joint discomfort like arthritis and before and after surgery procedures. It also seems to work well to relax a nervous animal or a dog that has been controlled by psychological trauma.

The canine bowen approach is best known as an add on to normal veterinary medicine and their proponents don’t suggest that it is the only technique or treatment used – saying that it works best in blend with other approaches.

A few pet owners have recently been so delighted with the treatment outcomes for an acute episode that they bring their dog back again regularly for preventitive lessons and believe their puppies are generally healthier and happier after these classes.

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