Self Defense – Which Do You Prefer, Tasers Or Stun Guns?

Did you know that tasers are practically totally effective as a self-defense weapon and that stun guns are 90 percent effective? That is simply one of the differences between the two. They are both self-defense products that are nonlethal in characteristics and provide an alternate in self-defense to the deadly force of a handgun. gun range Houston

The purpose of any device, item, or tool for self-defense is to allow you time to get away from a dangerous situation to seek help or just to receive away. They do that by disabling an assailant for any where from 5 to 45 minutes. 

A stun gun is a little device that can easily fit in your hand with two prongs on one ending that conduct an electric charge into the bad guys’ muscular system. That charge causes the muscles to work in a very rapid manner. It depletes all blood sugar in a short period time so there’s no energy left. They can also cause a lack of balance. Stun guns range in price from $22 up to $90. They use high-voltage and low-wattage to stun an attacker.

Tasers one the other side of the coin hand use high wattage and low v to disable an attacker They range in price from $400 up to $1000. They shoot away two darts that are electrified up to 12-15 feet away. When contact is made with an assailant the electrical demand takes over the key nervous system with almost 95 per cent take down electricity. It has more blocking power than a 9 mm handgun. The ending of the taser increases as a stun gun backup system in circumstance you miss.

They are both effective self-defense products. What type do you prefer stun weapons or tasers?

When are you getting one?

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