The Promise of Technology is Intangible

Technology-enabled solutions are intangible sales. People don’t buy the machine; they buy what it enables. Average sales people tend to understand technology as a concrete, so they give attention to features. Exceptional sales people understand that customers only care and attention about the results the technology enables, which is intangible. This difference in perception about the size of technology is the fundamental aspect in deciding a sales person’s success. mergertech data room reviews

Technology is the actualization of abstract theories. The more theories that are actualized, the more powerful the technology is. For example, there exists a computer chip in my car that makes me an improved driver. The computer chip senses the automobile beginning to skid on a patch of snow much faster than I actually can. It automatically transmits messages to the anti-lock brake system so the car responds to the changing road conditions before I am even aware there may be problems. This simple application is the actualization of concepts that span the procedures of physics, mechanical design, human perception, and software applications. It would take a long time to make clear how it all worked well. As a car buyer, nevertheless , I only attention about the very fact that it makes me a less dangerous driver. 

The more superior the technology is, the greater the abstraction. Offering abstractions is somewhat more than just relating benefits. It truly is about linking the functionality of the technology to the specified end result, which is the intangible promise of the technology. I can only prefer the value of the car’s computer handled anti-locking device when I understand how it increases my driving. In the event that the sales rep just clarifies anti-locking brakes, I avoid perceive the advantage. If your woman tells me that we will be an improved driver, but doesn’t describe how, then I won’t believe her. She must help me personally be familiar with marriage between the how the technology is applied and the results that are important to my opinion before My spouse and i will value the technology.

Selling the value of your technology.

The parallelverschiebung of abstract theory into useful applications that deliver strategic benefits is the essence of selling value. Value is created when the customer believes the technology solution can help them accomplish their objectives. To develop the customer’s confidence you must integrate their learning process with their decision-making process.

The sales person must provide the customer with the right information at the right time. Furthermore, it ought to be done in a way that enhances the customer’s perception of need, urgency to buy and appreciation of the value contribution of the solution.

The information challenge gets even more sophisticated even as we incorporate the unremitting rate of change associated with any technology solution. As the technology advances as well as its applications expand, it becomes difficult to stay current and informed about the solution. The body of information that the sales person draws after to sell a technology solution is constantly growing. Products mutate. New technology replace old ones. Competitors’ products change. Markets increase the speed of. Each change has multiple implications for how customers buy and the best ways to sell the perfect solution is.

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