Negotiation Training – The Ultimate Sales Skill

Is definitely Negotiation a Sales Skill, an Art, or a Science?


It’s all of the above and more. Much more, really.

Inside the context of the sales profession, most people think of arbitration as yet another sales skill that needs to be mastered on the way to everyday success in corporate. vladislav golovin

But can the skill, art and research of negotiation ever really be mastered?

Not likely. Nevertheless at the very least, a knack for effective negotiation can be discovered, improved upon, developed, fortified and ultimately, honed into a sales skill that will yield spectacular competitive advantages in difficult business environments. 

There are practically hundreds of nuances, strategies and tactics associated with effective negotiation. Here a few essential ones to get you started the right way:

Balance of Power

Never assume that the buyer in a negotiation has all the energy. Savvy salespeople recognize that sellers often have just as much (or more) power in a settlement as the buyer. Intended for example, if the owner manages to determine that the buyer needs his product in a hurry, this individual can use that reality to his advantage when price, freight terms, amount discounts and other elements of the sale are negotiated.


Experienced salesmen, when asked to give an approximate price for their goods or services, know that must be better to quote a little higher price than they expect to get for their offerings. But you will find a way to take that technique a step further, by quoting an extremely high price for the goal of reducing the hopes (or hopes) of the buyer for getting a tremendous amount. Once the bar is set excessive, it becomes much better to realize an improved than average margin when negotiations are concluded, because the buyer’s aspirations were manipulated by the seller’s sales skill and settling prowess.


Silence is sometimes golden indeed. There exists a natural human desire to keep conversation flowing, and knowledgeable salespeople will sometimes simply go silent at an essential point in the negotiation for this very reason. This is sometimes very effective after quoting a cost; often, the seller using this negotiation tactic will simply stop talking after throwing the number away there. And they will not likely break the silence because they know the buyer eventually will. When the girl does, her discomfort about the silence will often lead to the seller getting a higher border or at a least, significant information which may not otherwise have been divulged.

Of course, there are numerous, many more methods and situations where effective negotiating methods can be employed to the salesperson’s distinct advantage. Stay fine-tined to bestsalesmantraining. com for more of your negotiation skills series.

Julia Morrison is a sales training professional who helps salespeople in all industries make more sales, faster, with less stress and greater personal satisfaction.

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