How the Tibetan Acupressure Mat Cured My Back Pain

I will call myself a blessed man because I have found an end to my severe back pain. I used to be suffering from pain in my rear for more than two decades and now it is cured completely! acupressure meditation mat

We will not bore with a long story of how I suffered from regular back pain which sometimes was just troubling but sometimes became really strong and unbearable. And there is no indicate write about the many consultations I had formed with doctors and therapists, each causing in disappointment.

The things i do want to share my final success story in the pain. We are so delighted with the results and I actually promised a lady at a show i would write a testimonial if ‘a miracle’ happened. 

Once I first saw the Tibetan Acupressure Mat at a Complementary medicine show I was very, certainly VERY skeptical. It seemed like a torture! It believed sharp when I faced it with my side and there and then, at the show, I actually was invited to try it on my back again!

The true surprise was that in seconds it did not feel painful. In reality it felt OK and very warm. As it was practically at the end of the day I had, as normal, started feeling strong back again ache from the pressure of walking for the entire day. But a few minutes on the Acupressure mat helped myself feel better. It did not cure it in minutes but those early symptoms were encouraging. I bought a ‘tester’ mat to try at brand name a few days. I thought to myself that My spouse and i have not lose!

That evening I put the mat on your understructure and carefully and gradually lay down on it. It felt very prickly but quickly it was not unpleasant and i also started to feel more and more relaxed. My spouse and i actually fell asleep resting on the mat! Consequently rather than 40 minutes as recommended I spent almost two hours on the mat. I then got a very sound evenings sleep.

The very next day the pain in my back had completely disappeared. It truly was incredible. We have continued to use my Mat every nighttime and whilst it may could be seen as a cliche it really has evolved my life. My back pain, which had become the centre of my life, is merely not an issue any more!!

It has been four months since I began using my Acupressure cushion and now I have always been absolutely convinced that lower back pain can be cured.

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