Clemson Tigers College Football Tickets

The Clemson Tigers college or university sports team is one of the oldest teams operating out of Clemson University of Clemson, South Carolina. Its roots can be traced as far back to 1896 when Walter Merritt Riggs, known as the daddy of Clemson football, build the team at the same time he presented football to the college or university from what is now known as Auburn College or university, in which he examined previously. On its own right, the Tigers have made an indelible draw in the realm of collegiate football. The team has managed to stay constantly on top of the ranks in the Atlantic Coastline Conference (ACC) in recent years. Clemson football game

The Tigers also boasts of a very pleased alumni network of players who have become making their mark professional football. The team also is very pleased of its coaching personnel that steered the team over the years, most notable of which is the famous John Heisman, for which the prestigious Heisman Trophy that is being given to exemplary school soccer players is known as after. 

The team has been playing at the Frank Howard Field at Memorial Stadium in the Clemson University campus since 1942. Any home game of the Tigers at this stadium, popularly known as Death Valley, is a treat itself of the team’s rich customs; one of which is the “Running Down The Hill, ” dubbed as “the most exciting twenty-five seconds in college or university basketball. ”

Important Moments And Accomplishments

Through the years, the Clemson Tigers make significant breakthrough in collegiate football record. To date, they has made a record of 30 bowl appearances, the latest was 2007’s Chick-Fil-A Bowl. It includes managed to win 15 of the looks, the last in 2005’s Champs Sports Bowl against University of Colorado. In addition, it has believed 18 conference titles, 13 that were won under the current membership in the ACC, giving Clemson the most number of seminar titles held in the ACC. The final conference subject held by Clemson was in 1991.

Quarterbacks in the Current Roster

At the moment, the team’s quarterbacks are composed of Cullen Harper, Willy Korn, Kyle Parker, Jon Richt, Brandon Speweik, and Michael Wade.

New News

The Clemson Tigers football team is having an interesting transition period when in October 08, long-time coach Tommy Bowden offered to resign after having a disappointing 3-3 win-loss record this season. For the time being, the reins of directing the team has chop down under the hands of Dabo Swinney. While Swinney has managed to provide the team a mixed record of 1 win and 1 loss since becoming interim coach, optimism for they still runs high as the team was considered a preseason favorite to win another ACC conference title. The team’s current roster has recently been cited with an amount of collegiate sports freelance writers to show significant promises for the team’s subject quest. In this interesting stage in Tigers basketball history, this is an opportune moment for any lover to witness history distribute and watch they run down the hill yet again as they try to capture the glory once more.

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