How Much Will Your First DUI Cost You?

This kind of question will depend on a few different factors. Let’s say you were pulled over right after leaving a bar after having a few too many colas. After you’re done paying legal professional fees, court costs, license fees, probation fees and raised insurance rates, you can expect to fork over about $10,50, 000. Ten thousand us dollars for one nights fun, hardly worth that extra beer. And you may also lose your job, have trouble finding new work and much more that can put you in a financial strain. colorado dui laws

Although what if you are much less lucky, make a decision to drive drunk and you get into a car accident? Even more difficult, what if you kill someone while you’re driving keen? Could you put a price on someone else’s life? Sadly yes. Every DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE death costs $3. six million dollars. $1. you million in monetary costs and $2. 5 , 000, 000 in quality of life losses. Colorado lost $2 billion dollars in the year 2000 due to these costs. 

On your first offense, you’re only paying of the point out between $500 and $1, 500 dollars. Like My spouse and i said before, the other 90% of your dollars will go to fines, fees, insurance increases, mandated liquor classes, and legal professional fees. You might think this is excessive and that you’ve learned your idea, but every day an accident happens, like the one pictured above. And let’s be honest, a lot of people understand money better than other things, so losing eight grand might send a stiffer message to many people.

In essence it’s not worth it. Have a drink or two at the line, then complete your nights drinking anywhere safe, or be sure to have a designated driver. Nevertheless if you risk it and get busted, keep in mind you could have used that $10, 000 to buy a bunch of alcohol. Stay safe, stay alive and keep your hard received cash!

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