What If Someone Truly Did Not Want To Vote In An Era of Online Voting Apps?

Without a doubt, I guess it should go without saying that in the foreseeable future we will have online voting apps. Everyone will vote via their touch screen phone, tablet, laptop, desk top or smart TV, who knows maybe they can vote through their refrigerator since the Internet of Things is practically after us and 5G cellular is rounding the spot. With all fantastic technology, excuses for not voting go right out the window – but does indeed that mean we need to make voting mandatory? I believe not, merely because I believe voting is a right and you ought to have the right to not vote too. Let’s discussion. buy ip votes

The thing is, this issue emerged up recently at our think tank and a fellow thinker, Cody Search, stated:

“I feel that if someone didn’t want to vote on the phone they could send a text message back that stops the flood of text communications. ”

Sure this will make sense like the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) and the “DO NOT CALL” or “Do Not SPAM” data. So, I do concur with Mr. Hunt, she has correct. Perhaps one of the iphone app features we agree ought to be to turn-it-off or perhaps just switch off certain vote category questions, like “bond issues” or “social issues” or “voting for people” – as some individuals do not have time to research those things, may care, or don’t trust any politician, of course one of the purposes or perhaps outcomes of this iphone app would be to restore trust and accountability in government, so maybe long-term, there would be more opt-iners and fewer opt-outers, the goal would be 95% perhaps of voting age residents.

What happens if we let non-voters, against the law aliens, VISA stayers vote too, but failed to count the votes only showed how that ratio voted, thus everyone could see what they imagine they’d like as well, and obtain let everyone with a brilliant phone election in the same way like the 13-year olds but just tally the votes for all to see, but don’t depend them. I feel that data is valuable too.

Cody states; “Yes, I feel that once the government back up one voting iphone app many others will come out trying to make it big. It could possibly create a whole new business field but really which ever you are backed up by the government need to be the only the one that really takeoff. ”

True, if the us government had a voting iphone app, it might reign supreme, but all Political PACs, Think that Tanks, Special Interest Teams would wish the same information to build up strategies, so you’d probably get a platform company load that require, it would be a huge industry.

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