Some Funny Wedding Traditions and Ceremonies

The earth is packed with different interesting wedding traditions and ceremonies. Sometimes they make us laugh, sometimes they make us cry. Yet we always follow them- at least, almost all of the time. Why is that? Where is the capture? I believe the get is in our values. Because each ceremony and tradition has its own meaning symbolizes something that we like and we want to happen. Thus when the newlyweds follow them, they will have a very long and very happy and untroubled life.Getting Married in Hungary

That is why some brides and grooms cut wood, others vegetable trees together – just in order to be happy all their lives. Who is going to refuse that? However, not only the newly-weds are following ceremonies. So do the people who attend them. Some throw rice or syrup at the bride-to-be and the groom, some throw flowers. Poor newly-weds!

But still there are a few customs that make us chuckle. In Hungary, for example, on the wedding day the bride puts her shoes in the midst of the room. Men who want to dance with the star of the wedding have to put money in them. This traditions is the socalled “Money dance”. Still want to dance? In Vietnam the groom’s parents organize one wedding party and the bride’s parents organize another. I don’t really know what you are going to do if you are a friend of both people. Which family you will visit first? What a choice! In Wales there is a tradition called “Tied into a knot”. A young lady and a young man are linked with a rope and sent to bed. That they are meant to loosen the knot at night time in circumstance they do not want to marry each other. But if the next day the knot is still there, they shall be declared husband and wife. Just for a flash imagine that they could not are able to loosen the knot. How chance! This was not easy to become a bride in Germany.

Times before the wedding day the bride had to demonstrate to the friends and neighbors her sewing skills displaying them the things the lady prepared herself. I was just thinking how blessed I am, because if I did that, there will be nothing to show. At least, there will be nothing good to show. Another In german tradition is that friends should be invited several weeks earlier. So far so good but in circumstance you made an oversight and missed somebody, you will regret that your life. If they leave you alive, since this was accepted as an insult, and people who weren’t invited could even take revenge. A beautiful perspective! That jogs my memory that in Kenya prior to the wedding ceremony a Massai groom has to give a lion skin area to his bride as a present. But this is not the entertainment part. The fun part is the fact this individual must kill the big cat himself. No wonder this individual needs to give the present before the marriage. If perhaps he only manages to survive!

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