What and Where to Shop in Taipei

Since Taipei is known for its assembling ventures, it is very popular for shopping too. Shopping in Taipei is more popular for the sort of night markets this city offers. Other shopping scenes in Taipei incorporate retail establishments, shopping centers, travel shopping centers and shopping areas moreover. In this piece I show a couple of particular and celebrated markets that you may jump at the chance to visit in Taipei. Taipei hotel 

Chinese Handicraft Mart

In spite of the fact that Taipei’s night markets are known to offer the best of garments, the Chinese Handicrafts Mart is much sought after for shopping assortment things. From dresses, adornments and valuable stones to earthenware production and works of art, you will get all at this Chinese market of Taipei.

Guanghua Market

Also called a programmer’s heaven, at Guanghua Market in Taipei you go over many pieces, back streets and shopping centers. Not at all like the typical shopping centers overwhelmed with popular garments and eating joints, the shops and shopping centers in this market are loaded with the most recent electronic things. A wide range of contraptions including cell phones, portable PCs and peripherals, programming and equipment are accessible here on sensible cost.

Occasion Jade Market

Being an awesome place to buy adornments alongside numerous religious and feng-shui things, the Holiday Jade Market is maybe the biggest market in Asia known for jade and different valuable stones in all sizes.

Occasion Flower Market

The Holiday Flower Market offers a wide assortment of plants, blossoms and noteworthy bonsai plants. Aside from plants, you can likewise purchase tea, tea supplies and dried organic products. Nonetheless, the best place to look for tea and tea supplies is Ten Shang’s Tea Company.

Nova Computer Arcade

With around 130 shops and corners, the Nova PC arcade of Taipei arrangements in PCs, advanced cameras, cell phones and every sort of electronic peripherals.

Shilin Night Market

The most-went by night market of Taipei, Shilin night market is spread over a substantial region. A visit to a place and you realize that the market makes a daily fair of eating and shopping in Taipei. Simply don’t miss this place when you are in Taipei, notwithstanding for a day!

You can likewise visit Taibei Shanshui and Tingshaniou which are great alternatives for outside garments and apparatus.


Already known as an acclaimed theater road in Taipei, Ximending is a famous shopping spot for the young in the city. Other striking ranges of shopping in Taipei are Asiaworld Shopping Center, Taipei 101, Taipei Underground Market and Zhongshan Metro Mall.

Investigate more about shopping in Taipei

A stay for few days in city gives you enough chances to investigate more places for shopping in Taipei. Draw out a total Taipei travel agenda including shopping as an absolute necessity to-do undertaking. Book a Taipei inn of your decision taking your touring arrangement and in addition spending plan into thought. Likewise look at Taipei inn surveys posted by explorers like you so that your stay in this awesome city is agreeable and altogether charming.

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